Dental Crowns Restore the Structure of Your Tooth

Same-Day Crowns in Sumter and Columbia, SC

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped restorations, made to match your natural teeth. With modern advancements in dentistry, there is a fairly new type of crown, known as a same-day crown. Simply put, patients can get a crown in one dental visit to our Columbia or Sumter, SC offices.

The traditional crown procedure requires at least two appointments with the dentist and it usually takes at least a week to restore a damaged tooth. Previously a dental lab fabricated crowns made of porcelain fused to metal, zirconia, all-metal crowns, and more. As of now, some dentists still use the traditional crown process.

The dentists at Palmetto Family and Cosmetic Dentistry implement the latest technology, including CEREC®. Using state-of-the-art imaging systems, we can design and place same-day crowns in Sumter and Columbia, SC. With CEREC crowns, the restoration can be done in one day and you’ll leave our office with your tooth and smile fully restored in just a few hours.

Are You a Candidate for a Same-Day Crown?

Dental crowns can have many different functions. Our dentists primarily recommend crowns for restorative reasons, such as:

Possibly, our cosmetic dentists may suggest a crown for esthetic purposes. For example, this type of restoration can be a good option if you have an unusually shaped or proportionately small tooth. A crown may also be appropriate if you have dark internal stains that you cannot address with standard teeth whitening.

The Benefits of Same-day Restorations

Traditional dental crowns and same-day crowns have enormous benefits. First and foremost, if you have severe dental damage the dentist will remove any bacteria and damaged tissue. This will provide a healthy foundation in which to place the new crown restoration. The crown will seal and strengthen your tooth to prevent additional damage in the future.

A dental crown can restore health to the tooth, providing the ability to bite and chew. The cosmetic effects of a porcelain ceramic crown are equally impressive. For example, your restoration can make your smile look noticeably younger and healthier.

With same-day crowns, you could enjoy a beautiful smile and dramatically improved oral health in just a few hours.

All tooth-colored crowns offer benefits. Although this may be true, CEREC restorations provide additional advantages. Most significantly, our doctors will complete your crown procedure in one day. Moreover, patients do not need a temporary crown!

same day dental crowns in sumter sc

Phenomenal Dental Experience

Phenomenal dental experience and dentist!! . I can truly say Dr Vu- Heaton is truly Amazing and gifted at what she does! She Is extremely thorough, professional, detail oriented and informative. Even when I was super anxious for my filling, she was so kind and patient talking to me every step of the way. She thoroughly explain everything to me putting me at ease and relaxed. I was so comfortable in the dental chair, I never even felt the injection! Wow! I was so amazed by her gentle technique! It was the best dental experience I have ever had! The staff is also wonderful providing top notch service and making sure you are comfortable every step of the way. I can't say enough about this wonderful dental office and highly recommend Dr Vu- Heaton to everyone. She is excellent! I am truly blessed to have found her as my dentist!

How Do We Place Same-day Crowns?

Before placing a crown, your dentist will need to prepare your tooth. After numbing the area around the damaged tooth, the dentist will remove a small amount of dental tissue. Through this process, the dentist will reshape your tooth to make room for the porcelain restoration. In turn, you will have a stronger, more secure base for your crown.

After preparing the tooth, our dentist will take 3D impressions of your tooth with the CEREC Omnicam. Our CEREC doctor will design the restoration on the chairside computer, while you watch. CEREC doctors are trained in using the computer-aided design software, known as CAD-CAM technology. The dentist will explain the entire process, so you will be an active participant in your care.

The designed crown will be sent to our in-office CEREC grinding and milling unit to create the crown. This strong, durable material will be selected to match the color of your teeth. Plus, it will have a realistic shine to blend in with your smile. Once the crown is finished, our dentist will firmly attach the crown to your prepared tooth using dental cement.

Cracked Tooth

A crack in tooth enamel leaves the tooth vulnerable to bigger issues. Cracked, Chipped or broken teeth weaken the surrounding tooth structure. If the crack is too large for a dental filling, possibly a crown can restore your tooth.

Get regular hygiene checkups so you can catch issues before they become bigger problems. Keep in mind, cracked teeth don’t always hurt or become sensitive to temperature. It is important to let your dentist knows about any conditions or habits so they can do things to help. There are many things a dentist can do to reinforce your teeth. The longer you wait, the fewer options you’ll have.

Restore a Fractured Tooth

A fractured tooth is one that breaks above the gum line and a portion of it completely separating. The severity of a tooth fracture depends on the depth of the tooth structure that is exposed. Often, a tooth fracture occurs from dental trauma or impact to the face or mouth. Thankfully, Our doctors can treat fractured teeth by take digital x-rays of the area surrounding the tooth and possibly restore it in one visit.

Deep tooth fractures that expose the dentin layer can cause elevated sensitivity. At this point, the tooth is liable to decay if not treated. Most notably, a fractured or visibly broken tooth affects your appearance. Even more, a broken tooth can create a sharp edge and cause discomfort.

Ill Fitting Crown

An ill-fitting crown is one that does not fit correctly. A crown that does not have a snug fit may not protect your natural tooth structure. If the ill-fitting crown is left untreated, it can result in worsening decay that can spread to the root and pulp of the tooth. Therefore, requiring a root canal and crown procedure, or even worse, potential loss of the tooth altogether.

Restore Your Smile in One Visit

You can learn more about whether a same-day dental crown is right for you during a consultation. Contact Palmetto Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today and schedule an appointment. Please fill out the form, and one of our patient coordinators will contact you soon.