If you have a number of missing teeth, you could enjoy a dramatically enhanced quality of life with dentures from Palmetto Family Dentistry. Your custom-designed restoration can improve your ability to eat and speak with confidence, especially when you choose an implant-supported denture. Drs. Thaddeus Vincent, Jr., David Van Patten, and William Noonan, Jr., are highly experienced practitioners in Sumter, SC. Therefore, they can determine the right kind of denture for you as well as provide a comfortable and secure restoration. At the same time, their artistry can ensure a beautifully lifelike prosthetic that can help augment your overall appearance.

How Missing Teeth Can Impact Your Oral Health

An older couple smiles and laughsNot only can tooth loss impact your appearance, but it can also have untold effects on many other aspects of your life. Often, missing teeth can make you look much older than you actually are. This is partially because your lips and cheeks can sag into the gaps in your smile. Tooth loss can also affect your jawbone, causing the tissue to recede. As this occurs, your face could dramatically change shape, and you could also lose any remaining teeth. Another more obvious result of tooth loss is that it can compromise your oral function. You may have a severely limited diet, particularly if you have lost a large number of teeth. Finally, as a result of these other effects, your self-esteem could also be affected.

Designing and Fitting Your Dentures

Our dentures can reverse or halt all of the ill effects of missing teeth. To guarantee the most lifelike and highly functional denture, your doctor will take great pains during the design and fabrication process. First, he will take impressions of your gums and any remaining teeth. Our lab can then create your prosthetic based off of this model, enabling it to sit securely and naturally. A traditional denture will come with a plastic base that will fit over your gums and attach with a combination of dental adhesive and natural suction. The plastic base of the restoration will utilize materials that match both the color of your soft tissues and of your remaining teeth. 

Your custom-designed restoration can improve your ability to eat and speak with confidence, especially when you choose an implant-supported denture.

If you choose an implant-supported denture, our team will take the same aesthetic care. This type of restoration requires additional steps of treatment because you will first need to undergo dental implant surgery. We can perform the procedure here in the office, fitting you with a meticulously fabricated prosthetic once you have healed.

The Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

Although the treatment timeline for implant-supported dentures is longer than that of traditional dentures, an implant-supported restoration offers unrivaled benefits. First, your denture will be more stable than a standard prosthetic. It will not move when you are eating, so you can enjoy a virtually unlimited diet. In most cases, it will also be more durable since, with proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime. Furthermore, your implant-supported denture will look incredibly realistic. It will sit directly against the gums, rather than on top of a plastic base, and will firmly attach to the implants with a ball-and-socket connector. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the implants themselves will halt bone loss. Like your natural tooth roots, dental implants will stimulate new tissue growth, protecting your appearance and long-term oral health.

Restore Your Full Smile Today

To learn more about dentures and to determine which type would be best suited for you, contact our office online to book a consultation. You can also reach our Tahoe office at (803) 469-3555 or our Liberty location at (803) 773-5411.